tattooed beefy hunk(s) du jour – #8

to start your week off right.  not sure if they qualify as beefy or not, but they sure are hot:

if your only going to have one tat, this is place to get it – very attractive

i think this guy is a porn star – not sure, but he sure looks like one.  the reason he’s here – the raven’s!  i love raven’s  and have a plan for my back piece that will incorporate them – in the meantime, this is just damn good ink/art

just a beautiful photograph – anyway you slice it.  the ink is specatcular.

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8 Comments on “tattooed beefy hunk(s) du jour – #8”

  1. J James Says:

    Forget the ravens…I do enjoy the sight of inked sparrows on a man! Woof.

    And great pics, once again.

    Happy Monday!

  2. Chris Says:

    Yum, how kind of you to remember that my bd is tomorrow and I’ve been dying for a guy like the first one to console me about getting older. HAH

  3. Jeremy Says:

    I like the ravens.

    I also like all the work on the guy’s leg in the last photo. Something like that on the side of my leg, to cover the embarrassing mistake of a comedy/tragedy mask (you stop laughing!) when I was 18, should work nicely.

    Ugh! What was I thinking? With my chicken legs? I should have known better. 😉

  4. cb Says:

    the top guy is NOT beefy.

    love the bottom guy’s leg ink

  5. Gregory Says:

    Well, that hunk certainly doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

  6. RG Says:

    #1 only. The other guys are hot, but I want to look into Number 1’s eyes when he fucks me.

  7. CJ Says:

    What’s the guy in the bottom photo pouting about? If I looked like that I’d have a big smile on my face and my legs spread open.

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