vintage; a new feature at strange relationship

hey kids,

keep the “caption this” comments coming – they are quite entertaining. 

in the meantime, may i present a brand new feature here at your humble blog, “vintage”.  vintage will be all about looking back in time at those that came before us.  iconic images (like today’s), or just a fluffy remembrance of something quirky from our/my past.

today, i present you with a studly vintage marlon brando:

i have never seen the above pic of mr. brando, but i couldn’t help but post it.  (it does look a bit like a vintage version of a modern day manhunt or pic with the pants so casually opened and showing a peek of the tighty whities).  i must admit i have a soft spot for mr. brando, he simply can’t be touched in a streetcar named desire or on the waterfront. 

and yea, he kinda just oozes sex too.  too bad he evolved into a giant mumu wearing freak – oh to go back and just lock him into this “look”…

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6 Comments on “vintage; a new feature at strange relationship”

  1. J James Says:

    Forget vintage Marlon Brando…I’m lookin’ for circa-Island of Dr. Moreau Brando! 🙂 Woof!

    I kid, I kid.

    I’ve actually always thought Brando was hot.

    Streetcar Named Desire lights my loins a flutter….

  2. cb Says:

    You just know some hollywood director or producer fucked his mouth…

  3. Christopher Says:

    You may have a soft spot for Mr. Brando, but this pic gives me a hard spot…down there!

  4. RG Says:

    He WAS hot back in the day.

    And CB, Brando was a top. James Dean was a bottom.

  5. libhomo Says:

    gimme a time machine

  6. CJ Says:

    He did have a pretty mouth.

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