tattoo update

hey folks,

i’m sicker than a dog, so just a brief note – had a session today with my tattoo artist to begin finishing my sleeve.  for those that haven’t been with me for the entire saga, my left arm is a sleeve based in buddhist and asian imagery.  half way through the process, he up and moves to los angeles, so it’s been slow going. he flys back a couple of times a year to finish me and a couple other guys large pieces.  we’re so close to being done i can taste it.

my relationship with trevor is such that i don’t really have a plan for the finish of the piece, neither does he – i sit in the chair, we chat a bit, then he goes to work – i trust him completely.  today was one of those days where we had no real plan; we through a couple of ideas around, talked to the other guys in the shop (steady tattoo) – we landed on a cool buddha “vision” appearing out of the clouds above mt fuji.

what you see below is the buddha…. it will actually heal lighter.  i’m really happy with his totally zen expression.  when we are done it will actually look like it’s emerging from the clouds.  way cool.

hoping to get one more session with him before he leaves on friday.

thoughts (and let’s ignore the lack of a “gunshow” shall we?)?

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13 Comments on “tattoo update”

  1. J James Says:

    I had the same sort of artistic relationship with my first tattoo artist in Virgina Beach (at Blue Horseshoe Tattoo.)

    In the end…I think my trust in him stemmed more from the fact that I lusted after him.

    He was actually kind of a prick…but maybe that was what I liked about him. 🙂

  2. Awww, I hope you feel better.

  3. Chris Says:

    Wow, that is going to be so hot! Damn could you get any sexier?

  4. Jason Says:

    I don’t know what it is, but every time I see your tattoos, I think PAIN!!
    Odd thing is I have two of them, and know they’re not that painful.

    Great new tat, and yes we need more guns!!

  5. Jason Says:

    Oh and yes, remember my tattoo inquiry a few weeks ago? I need help oh-inked-one.

  6. cb Says:

    I do like the new buddha. I didn’t recall you having that much real estate on your shoulder…

  7. Christopher Says:

    Lookin good…cool concept of Buddha emerging from the clouds (pretty damn original)…hope you feel better soon!

  8. Jeremy Says:

    I’m really jealous of the sleeve.

    I wish I had put more thought into the tattoos that I have, instead of being in such a hurry to just get one. Regret sucks, dude!

  9. CJ Says:

    Sorry your feeling bad. Get well soon.
    That arm is looking wicked.

  10. chuck Says:

    cool, looks awesome. i’m kind of echo’ing jeremy here, altho i have never really been in that much of a hurry for mine. it is just that i have never had a “grand scheme” in mind on my designs. and i have neither the money or the cool friend to do mine for cheap/free to really go at ‘um like you have. or the job that i can be so tattoo’d. the kanji on my neck is still marginal and gets commented on a lot (“is that a hickey”?) and i do not know how a more corporate company will ever handle it.

    each of my tattoo’s has meaning for me…but not some great explanation really. they are all just personal in meaning and not something i could really explain all that well to anyone. or really want to. and a few are just, “i like the simple illustration. it goes no further than that.”

  11. libhomo Says:

    You must be better at commitment than me. The only tatoos I’ve ever been willing to have were temporary.

  12. RG Says:

    Excellent Ink!

  13. Wendy CPM Says:

    Love the buddha, great expression on his face. Get well soon!

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