we have a nominee – finally!

it’s about time i say.

i think it’s interesting – and telling – if you compare the speeches from last night, senator obama’s speech was that of a visionary, someone who is thinking of the future and trying to bring the country together.  while senator clinton’s speech was reactionary and challenging.  she clearly does not know when to gracefully bow out.  for my money, her behaviour in this primary campaign has soured me on her and more troubling, also on president clinton – a man i respect deeply.  it’s sad.

cnn this morning has a bit on potential running matesfor senator obama – for my money, all this last minute talk about a dream ticket with senator clinton is a bit much.  she needs to go back to the senate, or jockey for a cabinet post.  i did here something interesting on npr yesterday about the possibility of senator clinton being named to the supreme court, should senator obama win this fall.  i could support that.  we need more liberals on the bench.

for my money, there are only two real options for the veep spot, senator evan bayh from indiana or governor bill richardson from new mexico.  both would please me tremendously.  i’ve watched bayh’s career for the last ten years and he’s done some interesting things, while governor richardson proved himself well early in the primary season.

cnn.com has this to say:

Evan Bayh: What he lacks in charisma, the telegenic Bayh makes up for in national security credentials, having served on both armed services and intelligence committees in the Senate.

Bill Richardson: The New Mexico governor, who identifies himself as Hispanic, could help sway the burgeoning Latino vote in addition to lending heavyweight foreign policy credentials as a former United Nations ambassador.

the next few days will be very interesting to see how senator clinton extricates herself from the hole she has dug.

guess i’ll be a cnn junkie for the next week or so.


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One Comment on “we have a nominee – finally!”

  1. Jeni Says:


    I agree with you about Hilary-the whole primary process has soured me on her completely. I do not like her as the VP

    As for Bill Richardson, I have to respectfully disagree. As someone who grew up in New Mexico (and my whole family still lives there), I have no respect for him and the things he has done in that state-and I am certain that many New Mexicans would agree. In addition, while I am and always have been an Obama supporter, Bill Richardson is where he is today because of Bill Clinton. B. Clinton brought him up while he was in office and the remain good friends to this day. I honestly believe that Richardson only backed Obama because of the possibility of a VP position that Hilary wasn’t offering at the time and really, that’s just sad. There is something to be said for loyalty. Who knows what band wagon Richardson would jump on next to further himself.

    All in all, I never thought Hilary could beat McCain and I think it will hurt Obama to put her into the VP position.

    CNN, I am right there with you.

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