faking it as an introvert

so, in my spare time between moving offices (june 16/17), moving my house (june 26), planning 3 major events for the company i work for and the upcoming pride festivities (june 28/29) i’m producing ceremonies for the upcoming inaugural breast cancer ride (check us out at breastcancerride.org) an amazing new event raising money for people fighting breast cancer in minnesota.  the ride will benefit an incredible charity in minneapolis called open arms of minnesota (http://www.openarmsmn.org/).

anywho, i got an email today from the director of the ride.  she created a bio for me as a member of the event management team.  i thought it was pretty funny and had to share (the “ceom” acronym in the bio stands for “charity events of minnesota” – the event company producing the ride):

Kyle ****** – Kyle is the Ceremonies Producer and jack-of-all-trades at CEoM.  And guess what?  Yep, you guessed it!  Kyle came from the AIDSRide, then went to the Red Ribbon Ride and is now still with the Dream Team at CEoM.  In his “real job” he produces large-scale **** ***** and events at *****.  Kyle is littered with cool tattoos and tends to be an introvert (even though we think he’s faking it!)  Kyle will be producing the ceremonies, coordinating some entertainment details and then supporting the Ride in Camp and on the Route – wherever he’s needed most.  Stop by and say hi to Kylie (he’s the bald guy with tats!)  Kyle can be reached at Kyle@*****
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One Comment on “faking it as an introvert”

  1. chuck Says:

    wow. sounds like she’s pimpin’ for ya! 🙂

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