is there anything better….

…. than sitting in your favorite chair on a sunday morning with the window’s open hearing the world go by whilst listening to ella fitzgerald sing ‘april in paris’?

i don’t think so.


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3 Comments on “is there anything better….”

  1. Matt Says:

    I’ve been dying for a Sunday morning like that for a while. I was hoping to go get my car washed, grab the Sunday paper, and sit on the front porch eating a whole wheat bagel (with cream cheese) while reading the paper … ended up too grey and chilly, though.

    One of these weekends. Ella and co. will definitely be a part of it, I think. Or NPR. (Yeah, huge geek here).

  2. Ray Says:

    Sounds perfect to me. The breeze is fair down here too. I’m stuck inside though working.

    We’re headed out for dinner though. Maybe an outside seat.

  3. chuck Says:

    mine is being out on the bay in my outrigger on a sunday with nothing but mountain and shoreline view. where will be…shortly!

    happy aloha sunday! weekends rock!

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