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the “gimme 5” meme – i’ve been tagged

June 30, 2008

the clever fool has tagged me for the “gimme 5” meme that’s makin’ the circuit.  here goes:

1. share 5 unknown facts about yourself.
2. pay it forward! link 5 more bloggers and include their names in your post.
3. leave them a comment on their blog and let them know that they’ve been tagged.

here’s my 5:

1. i have this very uncanny ability/habit of looking at a clock/digital timing device (e.g. cd player, stop watch, kitchen timer) at exactly 2:27.  the reason this is significant? i was born on 2.27.
2. helen reddy’s “i am woman” is a kick ass tune that i love.
3. one of my biggest fears is dying alone.  that or in a car crash.
4. i completely believe in life on other planets.  there is no way we are the only thing out there.
5. i have some pretty big “dad” issues that no-doubt play a part in how i relate to guys.  my biological father denied that i was his and my adoptive father abandonded me when i was about 12.  no wonder i’m single and screwed up.  ha!  lol.

for part 2, I’m going tag:

  1. jasontt
  2. forty two
  3. dulce y peligroso
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  5. sort of blog


fucking pride.

June 29, 2008


minneapolis eagle.

ran into james.

didn’t go well.

still love him.  i think he still loves me (as best he can).  

didn’t go well.

fucking pride.



June 29, 2008

just a simple message about pride this year.

the elections this year are about transition. the “change” we keep hearing about can easily go one of two different directions.

it’s more critical than ever for glbt citizens (and our supporters, friends and families) to get involved in changing the direction of our country in every facet. it’s time for us to stand up and fight the hypocrisy that occurs every day in the united states.

i’m proud to be a gay man.

i’m proud to be an american citizen.

these are not mutually exclusive ideas.

it’s time to make a change. its time to fight for the change you want to see in the world.

the below video is directed at those who believe in equality, but haven’t made up their mind yet. and to those clinton supporters who are planning on voting for mccain instead of obama because of their wounded ego’s at loosing the primary.

ok, enough of the politics.

now for something more beefy and more inked – just for fun 🙂 (i have no idea whats going on in this pic, but he’s hot so what the hell).

greetings from the land of f. scott fitzgerald

June 29, 2008

yup, i’m all settled in to my new place in lovely st. paul, mn.

the move went exceptionally well – tho’ please tell me why i chose to do it on the hottest week we’ve had all year. the sweat was literally pouring off of me.

i purged a lot – threw out a ton of stuff, sold some on craigslist and left a bunch of stuff in the alley as drive-by freebies. it feels good to start from scratch (tho’ of course i spent $200 on more shit yesterday, but most were necessities.

the move in pictures:

can i just say it’s kinda surreal to see your life in boxes and tubs.

hmmmm yummy josh the mover. thick in that college football linebacker sort of way. mmmm linebacker.

i never think about my couch bein’ big, but in order to get it out of the old apartment they had to remove the back door from it’s hinges and move the refrigerator into the hall. oy.

my new building as seen from the st. paul famers market. i have a cool as shit pic that shows the same scene with the market in full swing from yesterday, but my camera is in my car, and frankly i’m too lazy to go get it.

my living room

my bedroom. where. the. magic. happens.

a very confused parker. she’s settled into the new space nicely tho’ – i think she likes the 5th floor view.  she (and i) are both still getting used to the new sounds in the apartment.

now it’s all about decorating – i’m about 80% unpacked – the office/den is really the last major thing to unpack.

it feels really good to be “home”

3 things

June 24, 2008

a) i’m humbled at all the amazing responses to the wanker tool’s insulting post.  thanks guys (and girls).  your comments really mean a lot to me. 

as such, i’m goin’ back out on that limb and posting a pic of me.   this was taken on sunday – i was part of the staff for the inagural ‘breast cancer ride’ a killer new 2 day cycling event that raised over $140,000 for open arms of minnesota (a meals on wheels program for people with chronic disease).  anywho – here’s a current pic o’ me and one of the other staff members, kelsey:

b) the great move you’ve all read about is happening on thursday – as such, i’m gonna be pretty insane busy the next few days – bear with me.

c) to keep you entertained whilst i’m busy packing, and unpacking here’s a tattooed beefy hunk du jour:

so apparently i’m ……

June 23, 2008

ugly.  who knew?

i recieved an interesting comment today on my most recent “boredom begets self portraits” post.

“Your tattoos are ugly and so are you -(
This make sad.
Perhaps if your face wasn’t so fat and didn’t look like it was about to explode, you might look a slight bit better.
Can’t figure out why someone like you would want to draw attention to themselves by getting tattoos.
What’s funny is, the pictures of the other tattoo’d guys on here compared to your pictures. LOL.”

now, a couple of things – my initial thought was something akin to “well, i knew i wasn’t that great, but didn’t think i was that bad” then “ok, crash diet and i must bike 40 miles a day” to “who the fuck does this wanker think he/she is”

i’m pretty honest on this blog – i’m far from perfect, but i’m guessing so are most of my readers.  perfection doesn’t really interest me all that much – cause frankly, it doesn’t fucking exist.   do i have a great body?  nope.  is my face kinda round?  yup (which by the way, there is zero i can do about that – even when i was smaller – i had a round face).  i’m a big guy – even if i worked out constantly – i will always be a big guy.  it has to do with genetics.  

let me say this – it takes balls to put yourself out there for all the world to see.  it takes balls to admit your flaws.  it also takes balls to stand behind something you say.  the above wanker decided to post anonymously.  hiding behind the internet to say something that’s pretty fucking cruel.  the only thing i can see is his/her ip address.  it’s a qwest address from denver – which doesn’t mean shit.  this tool could be local and just routed through qwests denver office.  nice thing about wordpress tho’ is that it requires everyone to post an email address.  if i were a lesser man, i’d post the wanker’s address right here for all the world to see/spam*.  but i’m not that kind of person (never mind that it probably is fake). 

cb had this to say about the whole thing “…Its just some ‘hater’ out there all snipey and swooping in.  Look at it this way, your blog is big enough now  to have gotten you a ‘hatah’.”  so perhaps i should feel honored?

at the end of the day i know this to be true:

a) i’m a better man than that person will ever be.  i genuinely try to lift people up and do/say good things – the wanker obviously is just about feeling better about their pathetic life by ripping other people down.

b) what they said about my tattoos – fuck off.  my ink is better then pretty much every other guy i post on my blog. 

c) to paraphrase an old bumper sticker says “i may be fat, but i can diet – you’ll always be a fuckin’ tool”

so, why don’t you post a picture of yourself so we all can judge you on your flaws as well.

*ok, i guess just this once i am a lesser man.  ha!  wanker.

picture of the day; spectacular sky

June 21, 2008

i know i said i was gone for a few days, but luck of the draw – i have the interweb.  shot this tonight with the iphone known as biff:

click to embiggan

bearforce1; shake that thing

June 20, 2008

ok, it took me a while, but i’m finally jumping on the bearforce1 band wagon.  well maybe jumping on is the wrong phrase, but i finally kinda sorta dig one of their songs.  ‘shake that thing’ is their new track and it’s way retro – and the video is way camp.  but it’s fun.

p.s., i’ll be unavailable until sometime sunday night.  hope ya’ll have a good weekend.

tattooed beefy hunk du jour (pensive edition)

June 20, 2008

president putin, of germany. who knew?

June 18, 2008

remember that episode of m.a.s.h., the one where harry morgan guest starred (before he was brought on as col. potter) as loony general steele? 

this video of john mccain makes general steele seem lucid.  everytime i watch mccain lately, i just think of morgan’s steele.  a daft old idiot.