too. much. meat.

just home from celebrating a friends 50th birthday at fogo de chao – where we celebrated ala the gaucho way of preparing meat…  which translates loosely to you have just personally eaten 5 cows, 2 pigs and a complete chicken all by yourself in one sitting.

all i can currently say in my meat induced stupor is fuck,  i have not had this much red meat in a year.    someone bring me a tape worm.


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5 Comments on “too. much. meat.”

  1. cb Says:

    As I said at dinner to Del: I haven’t had this much meat in me since THURSDAY!

    He nearly snorted his cow.

  2. Matt Says:

    Ack. Everything in moderation. You’ve just convinced me to cook vegetarian tonight.

    Sounds good, though!

  3. CJ Says:

    Dr. Atkins and I are very proud of you! We have one in Houston. Good and $$$$

  4. Tony Says:

    There used to be a Brazilian restaurant in my neighborhood. Basically, they served meat in meat sauce with meat. It was like dragging a brick around in my stomach for days afterward. One of those fun while it’s happening, deeply regretted later situations.

  5. 42 Says:

    There is no such thing as too much meat!

    I’ve been to Fogo de Chão before, the one in Chicago. mmm mmm… and the food wasn’t bad either.

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