life update…

it’s official. 

i hate every single piece of music i own. 

i have nothing of interest.

nothing to listen to.


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10 Comments on “life update…”

  1. Swap with people at your job. That’s what I used to do. 😛 We’d have one day a week where eveyone would pick in music they wanted to trade.

  2. erik Says:

    I think I listen to Pandora more than I listen to anything I already own.

  3. Donnie v2.0 Says:

    What?? How can this be??

  4. Sally Tomato Says:

    We need to switch iPods or something. I’m in the same boat.

  5. 42 Says:

    well dayam, bring a big-ass USB stick or portable disk with you when you come to Boston, I’ll fix you up real guuud.

  6. Jason Says:


  7. cb Says:

    Thank GOD! Does this mean we are through listening to Prince in your car???

  8. chuck Says:

    hahaha…pre-ipod days, i use to complain to a good friend of mine after flipping thru all the radio stations, “there is no MUSIC left in the world!” in the most dramatic voice i could muster.

    now thanks one of four ipods, there is always. music. left. in the. world.

    country? yep
    hawaiian? yep
    old 80’s? yep
    mellow? yep
    cheesy? yep
    rock? yep
    rap? yep

  9. jason Says:

    Oh yeah ? Well I sent you a link to download some new stuff to listen to and you didn’t even try it out! Sometimes we only have ourselves to blame…

    In the meantime, head to or and dig about about a bit.

    Just wait ’til you have my problem: having too much good music and no time to listen to it all…

  10. RG Says:

    I have the same problem with gay porn.

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