about the header

hey there.

how are you?  how was your memorial day holiday?  good i hope.  🙂

ok, onto business.  

i get a fair number of compliments about the photography i post here on strange relationship (not bad for a crappy point and shoot eh?).  i’m deeply humbled whenever someone says they like one of my pics – it blows my mind really.  imagine what i could do with a real camera!

a great number of the images that have been seen in my header are shots i’ve taken.  i thought i might create a new page here on the ol’ blog that talks specifically about the header and the inspiration for the piece.  

so beginning today, there’s a new page up above called “about the header” (original eh?) where you can read about the shot used.  the current header is called “guthrie panorama” – click on the tab and check it out, along with the inspiration.


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One Comment on “about the header”

  1. sn0tty Says:

    I like your photos, too! I take the same kind on a crappy ass cell phone, but it’s so fun (and yours are nicer).

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