trying to wrap my mind around a couple of things….

i guy emailed me from the old blog (a t o m i c  p o p !) asking for the addy to the new one (this one)… i gladly sent it, since i shut down atomic for work reasons, not personal reasons everyone’s welcome to come here.  turns out he was already reading this one (great!), but thinks my writing has changed from atomic to this one.  i don’t know what that means.  i find it intriguing/interesting tho’.  has my writing changed? have i changed? what’s different?  i personally don’t see a difference – but it’s often hardest to see the forest for the trees right? 

i would love it if this blog were one of those amazing political blogs (like godless liberal homo) or super intimate and personal (like open a window) or hell, even super sexual (always gay. always. comes to mind)… but it’s not – it’s just a bunch of random stuff that interests me, surprises me or challenges me.  and i really thought it was much the same as atomic pop!  have to give this a bit more thought… maybe i am different.  maybe not.

then there is ron.  ron is someone i dated back in 1997.  he was a great guy and someone i would liked it to last (it didn’t for many reasons – much of which was, i think, timing)… we haven’t talked much since then (my god, 11 years – wow).  i think about him every now and then.  usually in a very fond fashion.  he was a fun guy to be around.  out of virtually no where i got an email from him the other day.  he found me on linked in and then he did a search and found the blog (i don’t know if he found atomic pop or this one).  reminds me that even when not using our full names, we’re not nearly as anonymous as we think.


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5 Comments on “trying to wrap my mind around a couple of things….”

  1. The blog’s different in terms of design, etc., but the content seems the same. When a blog’s random (as is mine), nothing’s constant; so it will inevitably change. Because you’re not a themed blog. I don’t see that in a bad way, though. Just keep posting pics of yourself…..

  2. chuck Says:

    never read the atomic pop blog, but i dig the format you have goin’ here. i’m not very political or sexual or religious or (i’m trying to think of another word here but it is escaping me…or maybe i covered ‘um all) either, so this suits me jus’ fine.

  3. chuck Says:

    hahaha…i love that thing on the side, when you slide your mouse over the person’s name and it shows a little picture of the blog and some keywords. and one of them on mine is “hallmark cards”…like i write for hallmark cards or about hallmark cards…hahaha. too funny. and sailboats? i have never sailed a sailboat in my life. but hey, read about sailboats on my blog! woo hoo!

  4. CJ Says:

    Well, I am not looking at bloggers or celebrities to give me some political direction. I take such views and insights with a grain of salt.
    Some blogs I like for the porn but I like for it to have some personal flare. Then there are those I like for the diaries of their day to day lives. I’m amazed and amused at how self promoting some bloggers are. But basically I want to be entertained and learn something about another person and another place and how they exist.
    I’ve enjoyed reading of your travels and your photos but haven’t noticed a change in your style at this point. I like you/blog just the way you are. 🙂

  5. […] actually found me a few months ago – i wrote about it here.  turns out he works in the neighborhood (interestingly enough, he lived in this neighborhood when […]

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