iphone saturday

a day filled with random iphone pics from the previous week.  sweet. (click to embiggen):

a life-sized wall-e standee from the movie theater.  i. can. not. wait. to. see. this. movie.  the trailer always makes me laugh and tear up (usually at the same time).

hello mr red car.  you sir are an asshole.  learn to drive or get off the fucking road.  thank you.

not that i would ever condone vandalism, i must say, i don’t disagree with the sentiment.  (and no, i did not do it).  laughed about it, but did not do it.

fiddlehead fern.  positively pre-historic.  love ’em

hello hot guy in dsw.  yes, that’s cb (and our friend scott) in the background).  and yes, if you look really close cb is drooling.

lilac’s are finally in bloom in minnesota.  i don’t have any lilac’s near me so i stole these from the landscape at work.  they are – my absolutly favorite flower.  reminds me of childhood – and my grandmother.

we have a kick ass wholesale florist in town where you have to be a professional to get in – as an event planner, that qualify’s me.  just a cool shot of a fuckload of roses.




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3 Comments on “iphone saturday”

  1. cb Says:

    That boy with his mom at DSW had an ass you could serve tea on.

    And I love lilacs.

  2. 42 Says:

    jeez, mom has that weird flat ass and cankles that could halt traffic. need more pics of boy ass plz.

    lilacs are cool. too bad they don’t do so well here. oh they try but nothing like what you get in Minnesoooota.

    I went nuts with Salvia today in flower boxes. hope that works.

  3. RG Says:

    CB drooling – as opposed to what other time he’s not?

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