behold the hotness*: aaron hill

so i’m addicted to this little piece of televised fluff called “greek” on the basic cable channel abc family (seriously, have you seen some of the shows on that channel?  what kind of family are they marketing to?).  greek is the story of a small mid western university’s greek system.  the ongoing soap opera that is frat houses and sorority girls.

there is a minor character on the show called beaver.  he is just the recent in a long line of lumbering off’s featured in party frats on film in television.  you’ll the character well if you remember john ‘bluto’ blutarsky from animal house.

the big difference tho’ – beaver is played by a guy named aaron hill.  and aaron hill is omg f’ing hot.  all 6’5″‘s of him:

and my personal favorite shot is:

ooh – look – here’s a clip of him from ‘mad men’:

if only i could find him shirtless or naked.  hehehe 🙂

*i can’t believe i actually used the term “hotness”  ugg. 



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11 Comments on “behold the hotness*: aaron hill”

  1. Ray Says:


  2. CJ Says:

    By the looks of that beard I bet he has a nice hairy ass. 🙂

  3. timo Says:

    he’s real purty. right up my alley. and I mean Alley…not…you know. and he looks pretty hairless froma few other pics I found.

  4. urspo Says:

    i’ll take the whiskered version, please.

  5. Oh, he’s adorable!

  6. Beaver? More like chipmunk who ate all the pies!

  7. voenixrising Says:

    Sigh. To be 28 again…

  8. 42 Says:

    yer fave shot is also mine. he looks like a big ol puppy-dawg looking for a treat. “yay! you get a biscuit!”

  9. Andrew Says:

    Check him out in his guest spot on the TV show Valentine. The show is all about love so they accent his sexiness. There is a hot tub scene, and HE SINGS.

  10. boxer Says:

    i want to rip that boy in two with my tongue. i would WRECK that.

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