somewhere, somehow i discovered the amazing talent of exterface. a pair of photographers/artists based in france. their stuff was simply to amazing to not share. the use of color, shadow and negative space really works.

according to their website they create “poetic pictures, not photographs” their profile goes on to say: “exterface is a creative duo comprised of french artists julien & stéphane. more than photographs, they create poetic pictures and stories. they are responsible for their own art direction and graphic design.” yes, it is certainly erotic, but it’s done so well – not sleazy at all.

here are some shots from some of their collections (they create a cool title image for each of their collections – in my review, the title image precedes some choice shots from their collections)*:

*extra credit points for who ever can tell which pics are my favorite 🙂

p.s., make sure you check out their site for the complete collections + more.

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7 Comments on “exterface.”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Those are some cool images!

  2. Ray Says:


  3. cb Says:

    I rather enjoyed master and slave.

  4. Jason Says:

    These are quite good. Gives me ideas…

  5. voenixrising Says:

    Your favorites? Why, the ones with the menz (in leather) of course!

  6. CJ Says:

    Snowballing ofcourse. Nice images indeed.

  7. 42 Says:

    huh, four days in Paris and OK yeah I saw some hot guys but none like these!

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