kick ass new blog + clutter monster

i am a clutter guy.

i am not proud of this, it’s just the truth.

i am committed to working in earnest on my clutter-ness when i move to the new apartment – i’ve even begun starting to identify the things i want to sell/give-a-way on but just the same, i am full of clutter.

which is why i was so excited to come across a new blog today: which is all about one guy’s (or gal, i haven’t quite figured out which yet) continuing fight against clutter and achieving the zen state of minimalist (i don’t know if they’re really going for a zen state, but it sounds good – i added that). seriously, the blog is cool as hell.

i found him (her?  them?)  cause i was looking for tips on where to find a cheaper version of this bookshelf:

this is west elm’s version of the famous sapien bookcase. the sapien retails for over $300 at design within reach (really, shouldn’t they be forced to change their name to design outta reach? i mean, who can afford that stuff). anywho, i’ve been jonesing for my very own sapien since i first saw it a year or so back, then on my trip to nyc in february – i saw it in a friends apartment and feel head over heals in love.

the west elm version is $169 (plus s/h). i also found a version at cb2 for $189. ugg. i’m sorry – but it’s a couple of sheets of metal welded to a base. it shouldn’t be more than $50. ::sigh::

but then zero255zero had a killer post about a very similar unit on for $99 (plus $2 s/h). score.

i will so be getting this. love it. and i will be back to zero255zero’s sight much more. great tips for minimal/green living.

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3 Comments on “kick ass new blog + clutter monster”

  1. urspo Says:

    clutter is bad; i am forever trying to get out the clutter, but new things creep in all the time
    thank goodness for church rummage sales.

  2. CJ Says:

    I stopped getting West Elm catalogues. I guess because I haven’t bought anything there in sevaral years. At any rate, that is a clever design. I wonder how sturdy it is? Is the last photo of yours in your place? Does it have to be attached to the wall. That’s exactly what I need:shelving for my clutter! You sound like me picking an item to pieces whether in material or workmanship.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. cb Says:

    NO SHELVES FOR YOU! It will only encourage you to find things to put on them, which leads to more clutter!

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