35w bridge reconstruction

the other night, cb and i went to a twins game – due to traffic hell, we parked on the north side of the river and walked over to the marshmallow (aka the metrodome, also known as the ugliest ballpark in the world) on the south side of the river (via the stone arch bridge – one of the coolest things in minneapolis). this afforded us an incredible view of the reconstruction on the 35w bridge. i hadn’t seen it from this angle and it was pretty impressive:

you can plainly see the wooden forms on both the north and south side of the river being built. they are building this thing 24/7 in order to get it done before next winter. it’s kinda wild seeing something this massive go up this fast. why are they building it so fast? well according to mn-dot (mn dept of transportation): “(the)…bridge carried more than 140,000 vehicles a day and the loss of the bridge is costing $400,000 per day in lost revenue, increased commuter expenses and burden on surrounding roads…”. i just hope they’re doing it right.

the area in red is where the bridge collapsed.

i am not a fan of the new bridge design – it’s nice enough, but i think we missed a real opportunity to make a statement (not to mention, recognize in a really powerful, timeless way, the 13 dead and more than 100 wounded). instead, we get get a pretty standard, non-descript bridge:

according to mn-dot the bridge will be/have:

  • 100-year life span
  • 10 lanes of traffic, five in each direction—two lanes wider than the former bridge
  • 189 feet wide—the previous bridge was 113 feet wide
  • 13 foot wide right shoulders and 14 foot wide left shoulders, the previous bridge had no shoulders
  • Light Rail Transport-ready which may help accommodate future transportation needs
  • design to build complete in 437 days.
  • designed to be aesthetically pleasing and fit in with its environment

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3 Comments on “35w bridge reconstruction”

  1. Wit Says:

    How strange! A friend and I were talking about the collapse of the bridge and wondered what kind of bridge would replace it. Thanks for info and the pictures.

  2. Jason Says:

    Hey, at this point as long as it stays up this time we’ll be o.k. Good thing is that this tragedy shined the light on several other bridges that need to be brought up to safety codes.

  3. libhomo Says:

    I just hope the Bush regime didn’t pick the contractors.

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