harley davidson vrscdx night rod / eddie cibrian

i’m still fixated on this:

the brand new harley vrscdx night rod (hehehe… i said “rod”)

anywho, it’s about the sexiest bike any american company has ever come up with.  all that matte black.  chrome be damned.  as far as bikes go, i’m a casual fan – i love ducati and bmw.  on the american side, indian, triumph and excelsior have always caught my eye.  never harley – until now.

i want one so eff’ing bad i can taste it.


in other news, eddie cibrian made his guest starring appearance last week on ugly betty.  if anyone saw it you know what a hunk he was.  here’s more:

interesting way to hold that pole

just as a point of interest… anyone wililng to get me either the vrscdx or eddie, i’d be very happy.  especially if eddie was on the night rod at the same time.  hehehehe.

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7 Comments on “harley davidson vrscdx night rod / eddie cibrian”

  1. I was fixated on that bike…..until I scrolled down and saw the other pictures!

  2. jimsmuse Says:

    Hot rods come in all shapes and sizes….I approve of your selections!

  3. Urspo Says:

    i vote for this man over the bike- if i had a choice.

  4. voenixrising Says:

    Mr. Cibrian needs to be penetrated. Repeatedly and with gusto!

  5. cb Says:

    Eddie is uberhot— but who the HELL gardens in cutoffs like that??

  6. Competition for Bana!

  7. timo Says:

    the pole holding pic is from “but I’m a cheerleader” and seconds later he’s jerking it like a….well, you know.

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