i’m in love…

… ok, maybe love isn’t the right word… but complete and total lust is!

tonight cb and i went to see speed racer (better than the reviews would have you believe.. fun flick), we also grabbed dinner and stopped by the cockpit project.   the cockpit project is a small store in south minneapolis that specializes in – ahem – toys and leather products for the discerning gay man (small selection for dominatrixes too i suppose). 

anywho, whilst at the cockpit project i found the next lust of my life.  the guy working there.  i’ve never seen him before, but trust me when i say i wanna see much – much – much more of him. 

he was a shorter guy – but a lil’ sparkplug… hot – uber sexual (as one would expect in his line of work), inked, a lil’ furry.  but besides the sex appeal – he was genuinely a cool guy – great fun to talk to and joke around with. 

of course my shyness got in the way, and i never said anything or asked for his name or number or anything.  i’m pretty sure that given where he works he gets hit on all the time (much like a bartender in a gay bar).  but all the same – he is fuckin’ hot.

very woofy guy.

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4 Comments on “i’m in love…”

  1. Chris Says:

    Sounds like a hotty. You should go back and ask him for a private fitting of jockstraps or cock rings. When we were in Mr S in San Fran last fall we saw one of the employees helping a guy find just the right fit on his cock ring. Was kinda hot…

  2. voenixrising Says:

    No pictures? 🙂

  3. RG Says:

    Yeah, where are the secret iPhone pics? I’m very disappointed in you.

  4. cb Says:

    Dude- we so would have had a Jerry Springer beat-down in that store. I thought he was hot too, AND I wanted him to use that stainless steel, heavy, t-handled prostate massager on ME!!!!

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