hey you, yea you… + sexy chris evans

so umm, how do i put this…. hmmmmm.  see that lil’ link at the bottom of every post that says “add a comment” – i would be ever so grateful if you would do that.  if you would just take a moment or two of your time and jot down a comment or thought about the post.

i really really really want to know who reads this blog and more importantly, your thoughts on a post.  it’s kinda what keeps me motivated to write more…

i know that some people in my personal life read this blog – cause they mention it to me – yet, they don’t post a comment?  what up with that? 😦

then there are the complete strangers that visit the blog.  who are you?  what’s your story?  what brought you here?  did you agree with my post, or did it piss you off?  i genuinely want to know.

to thank you all for posting a comment, i’m posting a new (clothed, unfortunately) picture of everybody’s favorite hunk – chris evans.  (my old blog still gets about 80 hits a day for chris).

speaking of my old blog – one more favor… if any of ya’ll have it in your blog roll (and i know you do – i did a quick search yesterday), can you please change it to point to this blog?  i expected a decrease in traffic when i started the new blog, but atomic pop! is still getting about 300% more hits per-day than this hear lil’ slice of the interweb.  much obliged if you would update your blog roll.

now, as promised – mr evans – with scruffy beard (hey, it’s a theme in my life right now!):

(mmmm scruffy sexy chris evans)

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9 Comments on “hey you, yea you… + sexy chris evans”

  1. Chris Evans – good. Beards – always good. Chris Evans with a beard, at my apartment, slightly drunk, during a heatwave – now there’s a plan…

  2. Will Says:

    Chris looks good in the beard, but you look better and even hotter in yours, seen a couple of posts back. Bald and bearded is a look that always does it for me.

    I found your new blog today via your comment on RG’s. I don’t know why friends and family rarely if ever comment, either.

  3. photogreg Says:

    I found your new blog via your old one. I updated your link on my blogroll.

  4. Chris Says:

    Oh hell, even clothed he’s a site for sore eyes…

  5. voenixrising Says:

    Chris Evans…fuck me HARD.

    And onto more mundane matters, I have the same issue with tons of people visiting my blog but never leaving a comment. And the fact that their IPs show up as often as they do in my site stats means they’re regular readers. What’s up with that? I’d especially like to know who all these local Phoenix folks are who stop by every day. Say hello, guys! I don’t bite.

    Well, maybe just a little.

  6. cb Says:


  7. Ray Says:

    Yeah – I suppose the only way I ever hear from you is when I do post a comment.

    ditto on cb.

  8. Ray Says:

    Uh – and he kinda looks like a choad in that picture. Not a good photo.

  9. hammer Says:

    i don’t even know who chris evans is. there – i commented. 🙂

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