f’ing great news

so i work for an amazing company doing a job i love.  don’t get much better than that right?  wrong.  i also happen to work at our corp headquarters which is 22 miles north of minneapolis.  in a town called boringsville*. 

i hate boringsville.  it’s generic and far away and has a wal-mart across the street and a target down the road in a mall call “victory something or other” with an american flag logo.  hate it.  the only food around (baring, our organic resturant on site) is high fat, gross fried fast food.  and the politics up there are decidedly right-wing. 

the only thing that made it cool way back when i started 8 years ago was the fact we were the only thing up there and were surrounded by close to 300 acres of wetlands.  then the bulldozers came to make way for wall-mart, homo depot and a bunch of other shit stores that i could care less about.  (literally – they clearcut the entire thing in one day – depressing as hell to watch).

now, the company i work for has a satellite office in northeast minneapolis.  right smack dab in the middle of everything i love about minneapolis and a mear 3 blocks from the greatest river in the world (the ol’ miss – that’d be the mississippi for those not in the know).  great shopping.  great food.  great nature.  it’s perfect.

i just found out today that due to space challenges, my group will be relocating sometime in the next two months to our office in the city. 

can you say happy-fucking-kyle?!  of course you can.

this makes me so giddy i think i actually came a lil’ in my pants!

nice thing is i think i can take the bus to work from my new apartment in downtown st paul – but if i had to drive, it’s only 10 miles.  a much lower carbon footprint than the 44 round trip i currently drive. 

yay me.

*city name change for anonymity.

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4 Comments on “f’ing great news”

  1. Matt Says:

    Yay you. Big yay you.

    I hope your pants are okay.

  2. voenixrising Says:


  3. Tony Says:

    Sounds like a great move for you. i get to walk to work every day, so I know how great it is to work close to home.

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