beard update

i’ve hesitated growing a beard for a long time – just never figured out how to do and be bald at the same time… some guys that looks down right wierd…. but i think it might be ok on me. 


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10 Comments on “beard update”

  1. Brian Says:

    Cute. Nice scruff.

  2. jeff Says:

    That totally works for you.

  3. Good so far! Let it grow for 4 weeks before you make a decision though…

  4. cb Says:

    Its good. But do another pic for me— scowling and looking into the camera! Be porn, baby. be PORN!

  5. moby Says:

    I’m not big on heavy beards but I love goatee’s and scruff. I think it looks nice on you. You might try different cuts to frame out your face in different ways.

  6. voenixrising Says:

    I’m having very impure thoughts about you right now.

  7. The beard is looking great.

    As a balding bearded man myself – which is always a great look [except on Islamic fundamentalists, and even then…] – we share one happy factor – glasses. The sides of your spectacles are the perfect device for managing the transition between cropped head and start of beard…

    You’re are very cute… I definitely would, know what I mean?

  8. Gooster Says:

    Keep it trimmed short and it will look awesome. If you have doubts about the bald/beard thing, buy a hat!

  9. Wit Says:

    I think that the bald-beard works for you. First time reading your blog site. It’s interesting. Will continue Got here from Voenix Rising blog. Retired educator in southern Louisiana–cajun country.

  10. chuck Says:

    yea, i tried the beard thing too with the shaved head and thought that it only looked “right” when i was either wearing sunglasses or a ballcap.

    i opted for a bigger goatee but not quite going up to my ears. i dunno. i like it.

    but this looks good on you. as someone mentioned before…something about impure thoughts : )

    just sayin’.

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