it is done – the great apartment search 2008

on saturday i will be driving over to st paul to sign a lease for unit 504 at lowertown commons.  this, you will remember, is the “dream apartment” – at the end of the day, i was accepted at both buildings – but this just had everything (including the higher price tag.. lol).  thank buddha it’s over and i can go back to living my life instead of obsessing over apartments.

i’m taking my camera with me on saturday so i’ll give ya’ll a lil’ photo tour after i sign the lease.

speaking of photo tours – i still owe ya’ll a recap of the prague portion of my european trip – i’m almost done editing the pics – so it should be soon (i know your all waiting with baited breath).

in unrelated news; i’m growing a beard. 

in completely unrelated news – i thought ya’ll could use a side of semi-naked beef to start the day.  enjoy:


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6 Comments on “it is done – the great apartment search 2008”

  1. cb Says:

    Hey neighbor.

    I did notice the beard last week btw. But I wasn’t sure yet if you were just scruffy or full on growing it.

    I like it and have been telling you to grow one for years.

  2. RG Says:

    Does he cum with the apartment?

  3. Matt Says:

    So that’s what you looked like before the shaved head … 😉

  4. Jeff Says:

    Congrats on the swank apartment!

  5. It’s always a relief to settle on a place. Congrads!

  6. 42 Says:

    yay! knock on the door of #30…

    well goddam, I actually forgot which apartment there I was in! hope you got the underground parking. that rox in winter.

    the semi-naked beef will do fine. nom nom nom…

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