apartment update.

remember option 2 – well i heard from them today and not only did the deposit number come down – it came way – waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down – down far enough that i wouldn’t have to put anymore $$ down as a deposit.  fuck-to-the-ya.

it’s still a bit more than i wanted to spend – about $100 when all is done and said… but i can manage that – it is my dream space after all.  (plus it’s near two gay bars and i’ve been thinking wouldn’t that be a fun place to get a part time job?)

so now were just waiting to see how option 3 looks.  i liked the building and the unit…. draw backs include: smaller than i really want – no in/unit laundry (in fact, it’s not on the same floor as mentioned in that post, it’s an elevator ride down).  the perk on that one – a small outdoor balcony.  and it’s about $110 cheaper than dream apartment (plus laundry expenses and air conditioning).

here’s the dream apartment:

things i love about this unit:

  • the entry/foyer up too the kitchen is this amazing dark hardwood floor.  the rest is carpet
  • next to the door to the bedroom is a killer original sawen oak beam
  • w/dryer of course + the storage room is a great size
  • the den – would be great to have an office space again.

here’s the other option (i have not been approved for this one yet) – note: this is not the exact version i’m looking at, but it’s close.

things i love about this unit:

  • the balcony
  • it’s a funky floor plan
  • downtown st paul views (not a great view, but it ain’t bad).


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5 Comments on “apartment update.”

  1. voenixrising Says:

    Out of curiosity…how much is the rent on these places?

  2. Matt Says:

    I like the one with the balcony, except for no W/D. Cool floorplan, love the little sitting are by the balcony. And who could say no to any view of DT St. Paul?

  3. Jason Says:

    Follow your dream plan.
    Oh, and make sure there’s enough room for out of town visitors 😉

  4. 42 Says:

    eep, you’re scarin me because the first floor plan is almost exactly the one I lived in on the third floor of what I’m pretty damned certain is the same building. it’s the giant sawn beam next to the bedroom entry that gives it away, except my apt. had no hardwood.

    I never used the bedroom for anything except storage and a time-out room for the cat when he was behaving badly. my office was in the area in front of the kitchen “pass-thru” and I slept in the “den” (grr!) because it was a lot darker and quieter at night than the bedroom which had a pesky streetlight and that cafe across the street.

  5. Wendy CPM Says:

    I like the dream apartment — the storage is awesome, amazing walk-in closet, and I’m totally digging the den, although you’re going to have to put some great lighting in there given that it has no windows…

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