geek, thy name is kyle!

as you may or may not know, i’m a huge gilmore girls fan.

check this – i’m super fuckin’ geeked about how cool this is… here’s a screen shot from today’s 4pm repeat:

(note the lamp in the forground).

now for a photo taken from my very own library:

yup.  i have the very same lamp as lorali gilmore.  how f’ing cool is that.

i have very good taste indeed.

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2 Comments on “geek, thy name is kyle!”

  1. cb Says:

    Lorelai Gilmore has taste?? Other than the taste of Luke’s cock in her mouth, that is…

  2. 42 Says:

    what in the HELL is wrong with her head? it looks like a Photoshop Disaster floating above her body and overinflated.

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