ummm.. err… i made a mistake

so in a post below i was ranting that the duracell bunny featured on battery packages in berlin looked funny:

well most-excellent-reader jeni (from the block?) pointed out that the bunnies on our battery packages pimp for energizer.  not duracell!  duh.  oh well.  i’m sure i was tired when i wrote that.  thank you to jeni (who are you by the way – do you have a blog?  how’d you find me?  tell me more…).

but all of this raises a new interesting question…:

is duracell so lame that they co-opt other companies mascots?  not to mention that psycho look in the duracell bunnies eye…


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One Comment on “ummm.. err… i made a mistake”

  1. Jeni Says:

    I found you via timo. He calls me Consuelo on his blog.

    Yeah, the Energizer bunny-ick. But that Duracell bunny. . .even worse!

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