apartment hunting sucks

ok, so i’m moving.  only problem is i’m not all together sure yet

since aug, 2005 i’ve lived in a charming brownstone in what can best be described as a neighborhood on the verge.  in reality – i’m kinda in the ‘hood.  but initially i liked it quite a bit.  to read about all the reasons i’m moving, go here.

i’ve been looking casually since feb when i decided i would for sure be moving, but now that i’m within that two month window that’s normal for searching – it’s begun in earnest.  i’ve got a list of must haves:

  1. in unit washer/dryer
  2. modern kitchen with dishwasher
  3. underground/secured parking
  4. warehouse/loft space = ideal
  5. tower w/view = also ideal

and it’s stressing the hell out of me.

i’ve narrowed my options down to three:

  1. a converted warehouse space that cb & i toured a few weeks ago.  the building’s owner really really wants me as a tenant an has thus far been highly amendable to reducing the rent to get me in.  of all the buildings i’ve viewed this is my singular favorite.  it has a loft, it has a modern kitchen, it has an incredible view.  it doesn’t however have in unit washer/dryer or secured parking.  there is coin-ops’ in the hall and a surface lot behind the building.  it’s also 200 above my ideal rent range.  ouch.
  2. a converted warehouse space in the same complex as cb (different building tho’).  i used to have a fb who lived in this building and i remember loving it.  it’s a one + den, 17′ ceilings, 9′ windows, in unit washer/dryer, secured parking and modern kitchen.  sounds perfect right?  yea, it is.  we’re just in the discussion phase on money.   it’s about 150 above my ideal rent, but it has absolutely everything i want & quite frankly the in unit washer dryer is worth allot to me.   the only true minus might be the total rent (would need to re-do my lifestyle a bit, but i wouldn’t mind this) as well as the amount of the deposit (shocking, i’m not always the most fiscally responsible and my credit isn’t the best – tho’ it’s far better than it ever has been).  i’ll know where we shake out on the deposit tomorrow.. if their number is close to mine, we have a winner.
  3. a block away from #2 is a two-tower modern (in the last 15 years) building.  the units are smaller than the above two, but feature cool funky floor plans (let it be said; i hate hate hate boring apartment floor plans).  modern kitchens? check.  underground parking? check.  in unit w/d?  nope – zip.  however, they do have on floor w/d’s and they’re not coin op – they have a debit card system so i wouldn’t always be searching for quarters.  that would be nice.  they’re also cheaper.  but they have better views.

so i’m down to the wire – a decision must be made.  and my stomach is a complete knot/mess.


it’s my own damn fault of course. 

and hopefully it will be over soon.

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5 Comments on “apartment hunting sucks”

  1. voenixrising Says:

    Moving sucks. And not in a good way. Hope you find something that meets all your needs..and budget!

  2. Jeni Says:

    I feel like you need to take pictures and post them so we can all post.

    Nothing like taking the stress of a decision away by passing it off to others (i.e. us)

  3. Brian Says:

    Apartment hunting/moving does suck. Good luck!

  4. cb Says:

    It would mean “allot” huh??

    If things go poorly in the ideal unit- then I say go for the Towers. Awesome views, parking, modern, etc. and it has a pool and patio that I could use in the summer.

  5. […] remember option 2 – well i heard from them today and not only did the deposit number come down – it came way – […]

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