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too. much. meat.

May 31, 2008

just home from celebrating a friends 50th birthday at fogo de chao – where we celebrated ala the gaucho way of preparing meat…  which translates loosely to you have just personally eaten 5 cows, 2 pigs and a complete chicken all by yourself in one sitting.

all i can currently say in my meat induced stupor is fuck,  i have not had this much red meat in a year.    someone bring me a tape worm.



young hillary clinton

May 31, 2008

this is fuckin’ hilarious.  awesome.  stolen from rgwho stole it from americablog:

yes, you have ensured that every american democrat has had a vote (well except for michigan and florida who broke the rules) in this primary season – yay you!  now it’s time to step away.  + you’re simply pissing me off at this point.  any respect i have for you is dwindling fast and you’re causing me to start to fall out of love with bill.  and that just sucks.  cause i loves me some bill.


flashback friday; thompson twins ‘hold me now’ + bonus babble track

May 30, 2008

i love me some t’twins.  so many great songs to pick from – how could i choose?  had to go to the top of course – ‘hold me now’ one of the greatest love songs ever.  a sweet choice for a rainy friday:

not many people know that after the demise of thompsontwins, tom bailey (who has one of the best voices ever) and alannah currie (she of the kick ass 80’s mohawk) created the ambient, trippy, world music influenced outfit babble.  babble released two disks the stone and ether.  this rare video for the song you take me off of the stone is brilliant.

come with me  don’t be afraid /  i am your muse and your grace / i am religion i am your shrine / i am the one that makes you cry / i am the one that took your soul / burned down the mansions that you never owned / i am the dark side / come onto me and i will come onto you

now, divorced – tom is working as international observer, a dub-influenced djoutfit & alannah is a multi-media artist and activist in london. 

there is a rumoured 3rd babble album in the vaults at warner bros. – i would love to hear what they were working on at the tail end of their relationship. 


life update…

May 29, 2008

it’s official. 

i hate every single piece of music i own. 

i have nothing of interest.

nothing to listen to.


afraid of bears.

May 29, 2008

sorry for all the video’s as of late – it’s about all i have…. i’ve got a post brewing in my head about relationships, friendships and what not – but it’s still percolating.  so until i have something interesting to say, i’ll let others do it for me. 

with that said, i don’t know why this guy is so afraid of bears.  lol.  he’s pretty hunky if you ask me:

a) i have opposable thumbs

b) i can open a door

c) i would never shoot this guy.  he’s too cute.

you could fuck’a me later, but you should fuck’a me now…

May 27, 2008

****update. found it on youtube, so you can watch it here instead of going to 

hat tip to the sean show for posting this first.  one of the funniest thing’s i’ve seen in a long long time.  and for the record, this is decidedly nsfw.

p.s., the bartender is hot as hell.

the shit – you tube edition

May 27, 2008

this is cool as hell. check it out (and it’s short too):