the shit – music edition

ahh the tremendous power of music.  every now and then i’m reminded that music truly is universal and can transcend language. 

a new acquaintance sent me a link to the you tube video for the italian singer raffaella destafeno’s tune “domani”. 

this tune has grabbed me big time (at least until tomorrow when both madonna and portishead’s new disks come out, hehehe).  check it out – it’s a slamming tune… great grove and catchy as all get out 

p.s., home from dc.  my work thing went really well.  i’m pleased.  it’s the end of the season for me – no more travel until mid-september.  don’t know what i will be doing with myself… lol

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3 Comments on “the shit – music edition”

  1. cb Says:

    I like the music, but the singing… hmmm. It just seems bizarre to hear a pop song in a foreign language. It almost feels “off”.

  2. I agree that it is odd hearing it in a another language. But I love keeping myself open to all kinds of music!

  3. Jason Says:

    The music is catchy.

    Oh, and I hope you keep this blog for more than a year bucko!

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