indiscriminate excogitation

yea, i swallowed a thesaurus this morning… just some random thoughts while i’m in dc that i’ve been stock piling:

i love the idea of a phone number where you can call to get 6 men and 2 pumps.  woof

in my neighborhood.  how f’ing cool.  a green vintage winne.  sucks on gas no doubt, but i love these things from back in the day.

just what i’ve been waiting for – a new toilet experience.  thank you schiphol airport in amsterdamn.  was it as good for you as it was for me?

this guy (and his wife in a lovely pink polyester pantsuit…not pictured ((at least, i think it was his wife – could have been his dominatrix for all i know)), shared my cab for part of the journey from prague to berlin.  at one point he sneezed (didn’t cover) and let the snot just dangle from his nose.  thank you sir, i’m sure you gave me the black death.

this is what the duracell bunny looks like in berlin.  no sir, this is not what the bunny should look like.  he’s far to soft (‘tho, you can’t tell from this pic, he does have a little evil glint in his eye like he’s going to go postal when you least expect it).  what i’m confused about is why they felt that our bunny (ahem, the original bunny) wasn’t acceptable for german consumers.

i call this “singing dandy”.  this chap, was singing and doing arm/hand motions to some generic euro-fag dance tune coming out of his headphones.  you go girl.

this guy rotated my tires the other day.  and let me tell you, he could rotate them anytime he want’s.  wooooof.  here’s the beef.

this guy was driving down the road the other day.  i’d think that the “give war a chance” sticker was a gag, if it weren’t for the marines sticker.  and he wasn’t even hot.  i mean seriously – give war a chance?  for fucks sake.  fascist pig.

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6 Comments on “indiscriminate excogitation”

  1. Ray Says:

    Betcha that old dude ripped a couple too. I would’ve offered him a cracker to wipe with.

  2. 42 Says:

    ugh, I bet that “give war a chance” heap was in like Burnsville or Eagan or some other Minnesooota GOP hotbed.

  3. libhomo Says:

    I wonder if he has Halliburton stock.

  4. cb Says:

    Sissy Mary La La looks HAWT though!

  5. Jeni Says:

    Isn’t our bunny for Energizer, not Duracell?

    Which may be why it’s so different. . . .


  6. landry Says:

    i traveled most of my childhood in that exact color/model of winnebago with my grandparents. sigh i ❤ that thing

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