chechen green card

one of my favorite things about travel is buying art. in some cases it’s original art like antonio greco’s ‘totem’ pictured here, and in others its just something cool and folk-y like the balinise puppet i got in san francisco (seen here).

when i was in prague, it was my singular goal to find art. day one came and went with nary anything interesting. day two – had a number of promising pieces – most of which were radically out of my price range. on day 3, i was about to break down and just buy a piece of tourism art showing the charles bridge or the castle or the clock. i was convinced i wasn’t going to find anything interesting.

prague, for those of you who haven’t been – is a sea of curving streets – it’s amazingly easy to get lost. at one point, i turned the corner and staring me in the face was a poster for ‘godot art gallery’ with an arrow pointing down another curvy way. :::side note; my all time favorite playwrite is samuel beckett. and my favorite play is ‘waiting for godot‘. this my friends, was an omen.

so i made my way to what could possibly be the smallest gallery in the entire world. but oh the wonders to be had inside. if you click on the link you’ll see that godot art gallery specializes modern art from russia and the czech republic. for the record i know absolutly nothing about modern art from russia and the czech republic. zip. but damn, if this lil’ nothing of a gallery didn’t have some cool cool stuff. most of which was radically out of my price range.

however, tucked away in a corner were a stack of etchings on parchment paper. something caught my eye. the etchings were all from a russian artist – nikolaj kreshin. while there were a number of really interesting pieces, one in particular struck me.

the title of the piece is “card”. the russian text in the middle reads “chechen green card”

i think what caught me at first was that i thought the piece featured ravens/blackbirds. i heart ravens. upon closer inspection i realized they were not birds, but highly stylized humanesque figures. and yes, i realize it’s kinda stark – violent – dark… but there’s something amazing in it too.

it’s just so graphic, and strong. really striking. the detail work is incredible:

i bought it immediately.

it’s original – numbered 2/8 and is signed by the artist.

cb and i took it (along with some pieces that i got for him) to get framed last week. today, while cb was in the frame shop getting his pieces, he saw mine – said it looks great. it’s being floated above a textured dark green matte (green card – it seemed fitting). the frame is highly distressed – i can’t wait to see it.

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One Comment on “chechen green card”

  1. cb Says:

    I think you will be pleasantly surprised. And I can’t wait for Hello Kitty– which i’ll get at the end of this week too!

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