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the shit – music edition

April 28, 2008

ahh the tremendous power of music.  every now and then i’m reminded that music truly is universal and can transcend language. 

a new acquaintance sent me a link to the you tube video for the italian singer raffaella destafeno’s tune “domani”. 

this tune has grabbed me big time (at least until tomorrow when both madonna and portishead’s new disks come out, hehehe).  check it out – it’s a slamming tune… great grove and catchy as all get out 

p.s., home from dc.  my work thing went really well.  i’m pleased.  it’s the end of the season for me – no more travel until mid-september.  don’t know what i will be doing with myself… lol

chechen green card

April 26, 2008

one of my favorite things about travel is buying art. in some cases it’s original art like antonio greco’s ‘totem’ pictured here, and in others its just something cool and folk-y like the balinise puppet i got in san francisco (seen here).

when i was in prague, it was my singular goal to find art. day one came and went with nary anything interesting. day two – had a number of promising pieces – most of which were radically out of my price range. on day 3, i was about to break down and just buy a piece of tourism art showing the charles bridge or the castle or the clock. i was convinced i wasn’t going to find anything interesting.

prague, for those of you who haven’t been – is a sea of curving streets – it’s amazingly easy to get lost. at one point, i turned the corner and staring me in the face was a poster for ‘godot art gallery’ with an arrow pointing down another curvy way. :::side note; my all time favorite playwrite is samuel beckett. and my favorite play is ‘waiting for godot‘. this my friends, was an omen.

so i made my way to what could possibly be the smallest gallery in the entire world. but oh the wonders to be had inside. if you click on the link you’ll see that godot art gallery specializes modern art from russia and the czech republic. for the record i know absolutly nothing about modern art from russia and the czech republic. zip. but damn, if this lil’ nothing of a gallery didn’t have some cool cool stuff. most of which was radically out of my price range.

however, tucked away in a corner were a stack of etchings on parchment paper. something caught my eye. the etchings were all from a russian artist – nikolaj kreshin. while there were a number of really interesting pieces, one in particular struck me.

the title of the piece is “card”. the russian text in the middle reads “chechen green card”

i think what caught me at first was that i thought the piece featured ravens/blackbirds. i heart ravens. upon closer inspection i realized they were not birds, but highly stylized humanesque figures. and yes, i realize it’s kinda stark – violent – dark… but there’s something amazing in it too.

it’s just so graphic, and strong. really striking. the detail work is incredible:

i bought it immediately.

it’s original – numbered 2/8 and is signed by the artist.

cb and i took it (along with some pieces that i got for him) to get framed last week. today, while cb was in the frame shop getting his pieces, he saw mine – said it looks great. it’s being floated above a textured dark green matte (green card – it seemed fitting). the frame is highly distressed – i can’t wait to see it.

indiscriminate excogitation

April 26, 2008

yea, i swallowed a thesaurus this morning… just some random thoughts while i’m in dc that i’ve been stock piling:

i love the idea of a phone number where you can call to get 6 men and 2 pumps.  woof

in my neighborhood.  how f’ing cool.  a green vintage winne.  sucks on gas no doubt, but i love these things from back in the day.

just what i’ve been waiting for – a new toilet experience.  thank you schiphol airport in amsterdamn.  was it as good for you as it was for me?

this guy (and his wife in a lovely pink polyester pantsuit…not pictured ((at least, i think it was his wife – could have been his dominatrix for all i know)), shared my cab for part of the journey from prague to berlin.  at one point he sneezed (didn’t cover) and let the snot just dangle from his nose.  thank you sir, i’m sure you gave me the black death.

this is what the duracell bunny looks like in berlin.  no sir, this is not what the bunny should look like.  he’s far to soft (‘tho, you can’t tell from this pic, he does have a little evil glint in his eye like he’s going to go postal when you least expect it).  what i’m confused about is why they felt that our bunny (ahem, the original bunny) wasn’t acceptable for german consumers.

i call this “singing dandy”.  this chap, was singing and doing arm/hand motions to some generic euro-fag dance tune coming out of his headphones.  you go girl.

this guy rotated my tires the other day.  and let me tell you, he could rotate them anytime he want’s.  wooooof.  here’s the beef.

this guy was driving down the road the other day.  i’d think that the “give war a chance” sticker was a gag, if it weren’t for the marines sticker.  and he wasn’t even hot.  i mean seriously – give war a chance?  for fucks sake.  fascist pig.

leavin’ on a jet plane

April 25, 2008

hey kids – about to take off for a quickie work trip to our nations capitol. i’ll be sure to say hi king george for all of ya’ll.

wish me luck.  got the upgrade to first class, so it’s startin’ well.

until my next proper post, make sure you scroll down and properly enjoy today’s flashback friday.

so wrong… but so funny

April 24, 2008

from pencils at dawn:

the new viking.

April 24, 2008

this is jared allen.  the new defensive end for the viking’s.  i think that’s football.  i think i need to become a fan.


(p.s., i willfully stole the second image from this guys blog.  and then i edited him out – dude, sorry – no offense intended)

hi there.

April 24, 2008

perhaps you were a fan of my old blog, or perhaps your a new fan, or perhaps your a right wing-nut fuck-tard who’s scared that someone will realize your a latent homo and you’ve come here to bash – any which way, welcome*. this here blog, strange relationship (you’ll find the origin of the name here), is my new home here on the interweb (rest in peace ap!).


*i take it back, right wing-nut fuck-tard’s are not welcome. you can go here.

music heard whilst writing this post:

  • pg’s big time (obviously)
  • kate bush – aerial
  • depeche mode – a question of lust (live!)